“Last year my whole body was in a lot of pain…I was so desperate to get help…I tried yoga/acupuncture/fitness/massages..but nothing seem to work! Then I found Dr. Kevin, he is soo awesome! Hardworking and compassionate! Like a big ol teddy bear! Haha…anyways I chose their one year recovery program and I am finally healing! My shoulders and neck still ache a bit but not nearly as bad as before. My hips are doing a lot better now and it hasn’t been a year yet! Healing takes time! I know I didn’t get like this over night! So be patient and have faith! I recommend everyone to stop by and see DR. K and his lovely receptionist Juli! They’re wonderful people and in a way like a family to me. Thanks guys!!!! let the healing begin!”

“I came to Crown Hill Chiropractic several years ago. Neck pain brought me here. Not only did my neck hurt, but I felt like I was losing range of motion – freezing up. Because I was afraid of any quick manipulations of my neck, the doctor started with an activator (an instrument used to adjust the spine) and after a few visits I was feeling some relief. He then told me that he could be more effective if I would trust him to do manual adjustments. I agreed, and thus began the healing process of my neck. At that time, Crown Hill Chiropractic was offering a special savings plan for those that would commit to a year of their services. My husband and I signed up and have had weekly adjustments for 4 years now. I have noticed that my body is better able to fight off colds and viruses. I can recover more quickly from physical projects around the yard and inside the house, or that thoughtless twist and lift. It is now completely healed.”

“I have found Dr. Kevin Waugh and his staff to be professional, sensitive, understanding, friendly, and encouraging. From personal experience, I have come to believe in chiropractic medicine, along with naturopathic and traditional medicine, as a total health care practice for myself and my family.”

“Great doc and Staff, when I am in town it is a sure stop of mine.”

“Fixed my hubby right up!!! Doctor Kevin Rocks!!! Highly recommend for your wellness needs!”

“I have seen Dr. Kevin for a number of years now. Although I know he offers a number of different techniques according to what each individual patient needs, I love that he does manual adjustments with me. I’m 6’3 and 250lbs and need a chiropractor who can really work my spine to get results. I have seen Dr. Kevin on good days and bad. From basic weekly adjustments to intensive progressive care during a major bout with sciatica, Dr. Kevin has been consistent, caring and capable of walking me through it all. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for regular chiropractic care. Don’t go just once. Go once a week!”